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Listen In -> Leadership B#llsh&t in a Tough Economy #1: Brainless Downsizing

Brainless downsizing. Instead of creatively rethinking how to do business, brainless downsizing involves simply firing 20-30% of your staff, have the remaining staff do that work on top of their own, and then waiting until the economy recovers.

bossAn exaggeration? I’m afraid not.

When the evidence (the worst economic crisis in 50 years) that our business practices are seriously and deeply flawed, this knee-jerk response amounts to sticking our heads in the sand and hoping everything is will somehow turn out okay whenever it is that we muster the courage to peek out again.

If any time called for a thoughtful rethink of business practices it is now. But our business leaders are failing us.

Claudia and I begin our discussion of Leadership Bullshit with a conversation about this naive and lazy, if not outright negligent, response.

What about you? How are you thinking critically and creatively about how your business is structured?

Listen in.

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