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Listen In -> Performance Management with Jeff Hunt #4: Rewarding

Everyone loves rewards. I more than most.

This week we conclude our excellent series with Jeff Hunt of Goalspan with a look at the fourth key component of performance management: Rewards.

In this week’s show we explore four types of rewards:

  1. Recognition and praise
  2. Pay for performance
  3. Pay for contribution
  4. Pay for potential

Do you know what reward most managers think that employees want? “Good wages.”

Do you know what reward most employees actually say they want? “Full appreciation for work done.”

Wages rank #5 on employees’ lists.

Rewarding people is not the booby-trap of fueling spiraling expectations that many leaders fear.

Are you overlooking a powerful tool at your disposal?

Listen in.

2 Responses to “Listen In -> Performance Management with Jeff Hunt #4: Rewarding”

  1. Bradley J. Moore Says:

    I’ve seen that data before – that wages are much lower down on the motivation scale. It seems ironic that managers forget that their employees are — um – well- People? Yes, and what do people need and want? Love, respect, appreciation, acknowledgement. We are almost afraid to deal with that small fact, it seems. It’s easier to say it’s all about the money – avoids having to come face to face with the humanity and interaction required in a true human relationship.

  2. Karl Edwards Says:


    Good to hear your voice. Sorry for the delayed response.

    Leaders are in serious denial about their avoidance (fear?) (and the resulting diminishment) of the people side of business. If one more person calls people the “soft” side of business I’m going to scream! Few things affect the bottom line as much as the level of engagement, creativity and energy your team can bring to the table.

    – Karl

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