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American Idol Savvy: Underwhelming Final Performance Means…

Idol…we’re in for one serious popularity contest.

While both Kris and Adam truly impressed with their initial performances of the night, they both underwhelmed with the subsequent two.

And while there is always a significant popularity component in any contest, with singing removed as the primary distinguishing factor in this singing competition, all that remains to determine this year’s winner is fan loyalty.

Who inspired their fans to get on the phone and stay on the phone?

While their personal and professional styles couldn’t be more distinct, they share gracious public demeanors that gives them both an attractive, emotional connection to their audiences.

Getting fans to support you, root for you, want you to win, be willing to make an effort to help you win are all aspects of emotionally connecting with people. There’s a difference, though, between getting people to say they think you’re the better singer and getting them to spend a significant portion of the evening calling in votes.

It’s the difference between getting intellectual assent and dedicated action.

For those of us who work on teams, there is no question which sort of support is more valuable.

How well and on what levels do you connect with your employees? Do you wonder why their efforts seem minimal, routine or even resistant? What if all you’re receiving is intellectual assent to your instructions?

How might you show up differently in your approach to leadership, working together, or problem solving that might inspire dedicated action?

The answer might lie in how much time you spent phoning in votes last night… and why.

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