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Listen In -> Making Peace With Work #5: Replacing Resentment with Engagement

Are there any options between loving your job and hating it?

Is there a way to pause and take notice when resentment starts building?

What’s my alternative if I’m not in a position to quit and move to a different company?

Engage. To show up and take responsibility for my choices.

How do I distinguish between the anger I feel for my low pay and the choices I need to make in order to demonstrate value?

How is resentment a choice that I am making and therefore a choice I can make differently?

Claudia and I discuss these difficult and real aspects of resenting work in this week’s show.

Listen in.

2 Responses to “Listen In -> Making Peace With Work #5: Replacing Resentment with Engagement”

  1. Michele Corbett Says:

    Thank you for this podcast. It really resonated with me as a manager in thinking about staff members who are not engaged at work. It also resonated with the things I think about in my faith and work ministry. I heard a speaker once say that when things are bad and someone asks us how we are, we should respond, “Choosin Joy!” It really is sometimes a choice. Thank you!

  2. Karl Edwards Says:

    Thanks for checking in. We have more choices than we think we do!

    Sometimes in faith communities, people flinch when presented with the suggestion or challenge of making a different choice. (Like “Choosin Joy!”) I know I often feel like I’m being blamed or judged again for not “getting it right.” The ol’ “God’s always right, I’m always wrong” nightmare.

    But in fact, being able to make choices is a great freedom and power. There are alternatives! (Sounds of celebration in the background.) I have the power to choose differently than I am now! (Shudders of relief as hope for a better future glimmers.)

    Thanks for all you’re doing in San Diego!

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