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Looking for Power? Say Something.

alphabetWords are power.

Their impact often out of proportion with their intent.

Denigrating words wound long after their issuer has been identified as mean-spirited. Validating words generate exponentially more energy, creativity, loyalty and cooperation than ever went into voicing them.

Negative labels are word weapons used to diminish, marginalize, and rob others of their voice.

Calling out the positive attributes and contributions of others are investments which inspire confidence, build trust, and deepen credibility.

You are more powerful than you imagined.

To what end are you currently using the power of words?

Reflecting on the power of words, how might you go about using your words differently?

3 Responses to “Looking for Power? Say Something.”

  1. SOB Business Cafe 02-26-09 - Liz Strauss at Successful Blog - Thinking, writing, business ideas … You’re only a stranger once. Says:

    […] Looking for Power? Say Something. […]

  2. Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach Says:

    Words wound far more than mere physical hits can ever do…the latter heal far faster.

    I always try to put myself in the other person’s shoes to really see how my words can affect them. Empathy helps a lot in this case.

    Data points, Barbara

  3. Karl Edwards Says:

    Hey Barbara,

    Thanks for chiming in. I’m surprised by how rarely the empathy route is taken. Seems fairly simple. No huge down-side. Free data to inform a better choice of words.

    Well, for those looking for new ideas, I hope your words are taken to heart.

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