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Bill Heatley on Graduation and Finding Meaningful Work

Bill Heatley never disappoints with his insightful reframing of work and success in terms of human spirituality and our relationships with God.

Check out his recent interview with “tothesource”. (click here)

In this interview Heatley discusses the transition from college life to work life and some of the misconceptions, myths, and empty promises that young people face. He offers the refreshing and challenging alternative that work might actually be a place to bless society and each other through meaningful participation.

Two realms (work and religion) that most people keep compartmentalized, he comfortably integrates with language that is both accessible and helpful.

Bill is a kindred spirit regarding the natural integration of work and faith. If you have not met Bill, you need to do so right away. 

Bill Heatley is also the author of The Gift of Work, a helpful rethink of our workplace commitments in terms of God’s larger intentions for our well-being.

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