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Karl’s Library: Building The Bridge As You Walk On It by Robert Quinn

The perfect metaphor for describing the task of leadership today.

With constant and rapid change being a decision-making reality, leaders no longer have the luxury of planning for futures that are either predictable or stable for any period of time.

Robert Quinn was one of the first to address this issue in Building The Bridge As You Walk On It.

Both visionary and practical Quinn helps us see how we can actively participate in building the future even as it emerges in many ways beyond our control.

Eight practices characterize the leader who functions in what Quinn indentifies as the “Fundamental State of Leadership”:

1. Reflective Action
2. Authentic Engagement
3. Appreciative Inquiry
4. Grounded Vision
5. Adaptive Confidence
6. Detached Interdependence
7. Responsible Freedom
8. Tough Love 

Each noun and its complementary adjective in the list are carefully chosen and combined.

I use this book in my “No Excuses WORKout” coaching cohorts, and cannot say enough good things about it.

Order your copy today.

Karl’s Library is a weekly column highlighting my favorites from my professional development library. “Always learning” is one of the pillars of my personal mission statement. Explore past columns here.


If you’re a Kindle fan like I am, it is available for the Kindle.

Don’t have a Kindle? Get one! You’ll love it.

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