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Listen In -> Clutter: Friend or Foe? #4: All Those Communication Options

I got another angry email from Fred before I had a chance to respond to his first. Why doesn’t Nancy return my calls? Did I really need to receive so much information about Kendra’s breakup?

Choosing to communicate via phone, text, email, or social network is not only a matter of personal preference, but must take into account the recipients preferences as well.

Calling someone who never answers their phone is worse than futile. 

Leaving a long phone message for a busy person is almost a form of cruelty.

A new form of clutter clouds our focus with so many communication options available to us. Not only are there more means of communication than ever before, each person’s communication preferences vary.

In this week’s podcast discussion, web developer Jorge Rosas and I discuss the problem of keeping track of this exploding world of communication options. What used to be a simple conversation can now be anything from a live video chat to an abbreviated text message.

How do you keep track of who responds best to a text message and who responds best to a personal call? How do you know which messages need to be delivered in person and which messages can be published on a public social network?

Listen in.

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