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Listen In -> Playing Favorites #3: Favoring Certain Technologies

Every technology has its loyal fans. I’ve never worked on any computer but a Mac.

I believe my bias is based in fact. I want my employees doing their jobs not learning how to use their tools.

But what if I were spending a premium on computers because they were cool?

Some of us feel locked into our technology choices because of the magnitude of the initial investment. We let better solutions and technologies that come along pass us by because we can’t deal with the awkward reality that the world changed before we got our money’s worth.

In this week’s show, Claudia and I explore how we play favorites when it comes to the technologies we choose.

When does our loyalty to a brand exceed its merits in comparison to another?

Are we making the best leadership decisions on these huge investments if we’re playing favorites without even knowing it?

Listen in.

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