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Listen In -> The Hard Facts of Working with People #4: People Need to Connect and Belong

While some people prefer to work alone than in a group, all people need to be a part of a working community of other people.

The rare bird who is a true loner would most likely not work for a company, opting instead for some sort of independent structure.

This week’s show is about the hard fact that people need to connect and belong.

We need to belong to a community with a mission that is larger than ourselves. We need to be an integral part of making that mission succeed. (Remember the hard fact about making a difference?)

There is simply no escaping the reality that this process includes working with others. But working with others runs deeper than the functional necessity of most tasks requiring more than one person to complete them.

Working together involves a process of connecting and belonging that is core to being human.

Keep roles and responsibilities anonymous and impersonal at your own risk. Want to know why?

Listen in.

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