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Listen In -> Why We Hate Meetings #1: Death by Drivel

How can an opportunity so important be so regularly squandered?

Boring, unplanned, endless and usually pointless, meetings have become a stereotypical waste of time and resources.

Sometimes it’s an insecure leader who, any time someone else begins to speak, hurriedly repeats everything they just said because obviously if there is a question, objection or different perspective, further elaboration on their part is needed.

Sometimes it is watching the valuable time inadvertently spent discussing minutiae or pet peeves while the most important issues get squeezed into the last five minutes.

We feel our time is being unfairly wasted by those who will eventually be holding us accountable for what we weren’t able to accomplish because we were tied up in the meeting they called.

Join Claudia and I as we launch a new discussion series on Why We Hate Meetings. Not only will we be poking fun at the silly ways we waste these regular gatherings, but we will offer simple tips for bringing focus, direction, participation and results to your meetings.

Find out how easily a few adjustments can turn this around for the meetings you lead.

Why We Hate Meetings
Week #1: Death by Drivel
Week #2: Not Guided by an Agenda
Week #3: Not Focused toward Outcomes
Week #4: Not Resourced by Participation
Week #5: Not Acted On through Follow-Up

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Listen in.

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