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Listen In -> Technology… When Less is More #1: Slave To Your Tools?

Do you work for your tools or do they work for you?

Imagine a hammer and a saw telling a carpenter how to build a house. Silly image?

Not if the tools involved are your workplace technology.

More often than not, our computers, our telephones, our word processors and databases are dictating the terms by which we can access their benefits.

We become unwitting partners in this unfortunate role reversal by shopping for the latest, fastest, most versatile, most interconnected devices available. As if having the most features meant having the best tool.

Not so.

Join me and our special guest, Jorge Rosas, in a new series on Technology… When Less is More. Jorge is a passionate early adopter of all things tech, programmer, webmaster, musician, and producer of the Working Matters podcast.

We dare to suggest that you are the carpenter, and it is the house that you want to build that determines what tools will best serve you and not the other way around.

Technology… When Less is More
Week #1: Slave to Your Tools?
Week #2: Getting Work Done
Week #3: Getting Organized
Week #4: Communicating with Purpose
Week #5: Collaborating Effectively

Listen in.

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