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Listen In -> Good Leaders in Bad Times #1: The Solution Begins in the Mirror

After a blistering five weeks of criticizing business and political leadership for the arrogant, blind, brainless, fear-based, power-obsessed, insecure excuse for leadership they have provided in response to our economic crisis, we turn our attention in this next series to proposing a constructive alternative.

Hence our title, Good Leaders in Bad Times. It’s difficult to discern quality leadership in good times, because almost anything everyone does seems to work out okay when the economy is cycling upward.

But when the economy slows down, declines, or collapses, we discover who is all smoke and mirrors, and who is substance.

Here in week one, Claudia and I suggest that effective leadership in bad times begins with a good look in the mirror.

How might you be a part of the problem? Have you considered the question before?

Good leaders in bad times know that what others do and how others show up flows out from who they are and how they show up. In other words, if there is going to be change, it must begin with you.

Listen in and tell us what you think.

Then come back each week for what promises to be a thought-provoking and challenging series!

Good Leaders in Bad Times
Week 1: The Solution Begins in the Mirror
Week 2: The Issues Behind the Problems
Week 3: Training People to be Better Than You
Week 4: Reporting To Your Team
Week 5: Creating a Culture That Get Results

Listen in.

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