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Listen In -> Self-Care. A Smart Career Move #1: Thriving Instead of Merely Surviving

Shouldn’t I be focused on pleasing my boss if I want my career to advance?

Not at the expense of your own well-being!

Self care is neither arrogant entitlement nor antagonistic self-protection. Self-care is realizing that you’re the one who has to show up and perform every day, and you can’t do that well if you’re overwhelmed, overstressed, bored or afraid of losing your job.

Claudia and I have started a new series discussing self care.

Self Care. A Smart Career Move
Week #1: Thriving Instead of Merely Surviving
Week #2: Staying Inspired and Motivated
Week #3: Learning and Developing Yourself
Week #4: Challenging Yourself to Achieve
Week #5: Keeping Yourself Centered and Attentive

Listen in and join the conversation.

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