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Listen In -> Faking Authenticity #1: Trying to Buy Credibility Cheap

Authenticity is the new credibility.

More than competence. Much more than credentials. Exponentially more than position on the organizational chart.

Those who are real. Those who shoot straight. Those whose words and actions are consistent with each other. These are the people who wield influence. These are the people who can make things happen. These are the people who earn the trust of subordinates, peers, vendors and clients alike.

Join us for our new podcast series on Faking Authenticity. Sure enough, as soon as research demonstrates the effectiveness of any new leadership technique, onto the playing field spill all those leaders who want the results without taking seriously the means.

Even though everyone around these pretenders can recognize intuitively and instantly that they are faking it, there is a group of us who are convinced we can pull one over on everyone and “technique” our way into results.

Chat with us as we laugh and cry together about the benefits and pitfalls of authenticity both when genuine and when faked.

Faking Authenticity

Week #1: Trying to Buy Credibility Cheap

Week #2: When Wanting to Impress

Week #3: When Wanting to Confront

Week #4: When Wanting to Perform

Week #5: When Wanting Others to Respond

Listen In.

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