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Blind Without New Perspectives

PerspectiveLeaders often assert that they are “big picture” people and can’t be bothered with details.

But perspective does not work that way.

Beside the fact that any time a leader says he or she can’t be bothered with something, it is a significant clue that they are out of their element and making an excuse.

We are learning that there are more perspectives than merely the traditional forest versus the trees, or whether I’m standing in my shoes or yours.

What about the perspective of an unfolding future? Whether standing still or in motion ourselves, life, relationships, technology, laws, personal health, our competitors, the economy are all changing around us. As the future unfolds, how and where do our choices fit in and become part of what takes form?

How, as a leader, do you pay attention to an unfolding future and consider its implications to your business?

What about the perspective of human development and maturity? However sound our organizational charts and however well-defined our job descriptions, the individuals who embody those lists are continually developing, learning and expanding their capacities.

How, as a leader, do these individual developmental trajectories inform your planning, business development, and/or strategic thinking?

What other perspectives should we be considering?

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