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If You Sit on the Fence When Making Decisions

Black and white. Right or wrong.

Some of us have trouble making a decision until we are absolutely certain we’ve made the correct decision. We gather mounds of data, talk to everyone and their sister, and print out reports sorted on every variable imaginable. We hold off deciding until we achieve certainty. We dread making the “wrong” decision.

Unfortunately the certainty we hope for does not exist. Time waits for no one. We do not have the luxury of sitting on the fence until we are certain our decision is the “right” one

The goal here is to make the most informed decision possible. To be grounded in reality only to the extent that you have “enough” information to make your decision. Key word being “enough.” And then taking action.

If we get out of the all-or-nothing mentality, then we are freed up to make a decision, watch how it plays out, and then adjust as necessary. We are in motion and learning on the way. Our confidence comes from our on-going attentiveness instead of our all-at-once accuracy.

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One Response to “If You Sit on the Fence When Making Decisions”

  1. Michele Corbett Says:

    Great advice for someone like me! I have a hard time letting go until I know everything is perfect.

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