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If You Shoot From the Hip When Making Decisions

Ready… Fire!… Aim.

Does that describe your decision-making style? Well let me start by saying congratulations on being willing to make a decision! So many leaders avoid decisions, that I find it refreshing to come across those who don’t.

Unfortunately, the shoot-from-the-hip style has a serious weakness. It’s not grounded in reality. It may or may not be connected with the facts on the ground, understand the implications to other processes or people, or take into account facts and dynamics only known by others.

How about a simple pause? You don’t need to change your decision-making style altogether. But you probably could make a better decision and lead a healthier process if you had more information and involved more people.

So, pause.

Talk to a few people. Examine a couple of financial projections. Weigh the implications.

Then go with your gut, as you normally would. An informed intuition is better than a blind one.

And, yes, thank you for being willing to make a decision!

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