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Listen In -> Technology Change: New Tools or New Obstacles?

Friend or foe?

Our new podcast series helps us think about a constant business reality: technology change.

Do you leap headlong into every innovation or upgrade? Or do you avoid the expense and disruption of learning something new as long as you can?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both strategies. Instead of adopting a rigid stance, listen in to my conversations with Jorge Rosas, tech guru, software developer and confessed obsessive early adopter of all things new.

  1. Technology Change: New Tools or New Obstacles? (playing now)
  2. Tech Changes #1: Gadget Obsession or Early Adoption?
  3. Tech Changes #2: The Upgrade Investment Quandary
  4. Tech Changes #3: Leaders Lost in Database Hell
  5. Tech Changes #4: Swamped by the Communication Tidal Wave?

Listen in.

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