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Building In Volunteer Accountability

Key with volunteers is the opportunity to contribute and make a difference. Take that away and why not just stay home and catch up on chores?

A position without accountability is the same as a position that doesn’t matter. If it’s not important enough to have standards and expected outcomes, then it’s not very important.

By treading lightly and avoiding confrontation over sub-standard work by volunteers, we rob them of one of the key benefits of getting involved—the opportunity to make a difference. Work that matters is work worth insisting on people’s best efforts.

Try including expected outcomes in your volunteer job descriptions. Lists of tasks or responsibilities leave too much to individual interpretation. Many arguments or misunderstandings about performance can be avoided from the outset with a focus on outcomes.

Accountability is not a threat to those who care about their work… it is a gift. How do you go about giving the gift of accountability?

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