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Listen In -> Clutter: Friend or Foe? #3: All Those Tech Tools

Where is that conversation thread? On my phone, my tablet, my laptop, or my desktop computer?

We are surrounded by dramatically new, increasingly fantastic, ever-changing tools. When do the new options propel us forward and when do they confuse, distract or paralyze us?

In this week’s podcast discussion, web developer Jorge Rosas and I take a look at the myriad new technology tools which are available to us.

Each new tool has the potential to create as many problems as it solves.

Some of us thrive with new tools and some of us get overwhelmed.

It wasn’t that long ago that a telephone had a single, very focused capability while a desktop computer had a different capability and purpose.

Now they are almost completely interchangeable. We can surf the web on our phones and talk to family in Asia on our computers.

For some the new tools have dramatically increased our effectiveness. For others the new tools have only increased the confusion and mess.

How many contact lists do you keep for phone numbers, email addresses, messaging user names, and residence addresses?

What are you carrying today? Your phone? Your tablet? Your laptop? All three? 

Listen in.

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