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Listen In -> Natural Networking #3: Fostering Conversations and Discovering Connections

Who was that you were talking with at your most recent networking event?

Do you remember anything more than whether or not they qualified as a sales prospect that should be tracked?

Tracked. Like prey to a hunter.

In this week’s show, Claudia and I offer a different, healthier, and, we believe, more effective way to think about networking.

How would it affect your style if you were tracking conversations instead of prospects?

Networking that views others through the lens of sales potential filters out a hundred other possible connections that could propel a relationship forward.

Tracking how close to closing a sales deal you are with each prospect also limits your options for follow-up prompts, topics, and occasions.

Keeping track of conversations, on the other hand, opens up a thousand contact points, areas of shared interest, personal issues, public opinions, etc. that are the bread and butter of authentic human connection.

Conversations don’t need to end, giving you a vehicle for keeping in contact, following up, and showing continued interest. Conversations give you a means for building trust and relationship over time.

What if networking were a natural process of initiating and fostering conversation?

Listen in.

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