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Listen In -> Natural Networking #1: Rethinking Networking for a New Economy

I hate networking.

I suppose, more accurately, I should say I hate networking events.

I hate the uber-confident professional masks people wear. I hate the feigned interest in my business, which is really an assessment of whether I have potential as a client. I hate the polite exchange of business cards, as if either of us plans to do anything with them but expand our e-mail lists.

This week Claudia and I begin a new discussion series we’ve entitled, “Natural Networking.”

This series is for my sake as much as yours.

It began with a personal need to rethink networking to better fit my own style and personality.

It became a realization that in the current economic turmoil, the impersonal, manipulative, superficial, technique-based “rules” of successful networking are on the way out.

Demonstrated integrity, credibility, character, generosity, and competence are the building blocks of the trust necessary to network beyond superficial exchange of business cards.

Successful networking is being achieved by the people who can sustain conversation beyond any given professional event. Successful networking is best accomplished by those most comfortable with being themselves.

Join us for the discussion. 

Natural Networking
Week #1: Rethinking Networking for a New Economy
Week #2: The Disconnect of Techniques and Formulas
Week #3: Fostering Conversations and Discovering Connections
Week #4: Keeping Conversations Context Appropriate
Week #5: Being Yourself, Your Greatest Asset

Listen in.

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