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Loving Monday: Go For It!

loving_mondayGo for it!

My, that was easy to say.

Some words are easier to say than to do.

Go for it! is an enthusiastic, high confidence encouragement to dive in without hesitation or reservation.

Commit. Invest. Push. Give it everything you’ve got. Operate with abandon, joy, zeal.

As I said, easy to say. Not always easy to do.

There are times when we’re weary. There are obstacles we encounter along the way. Not everyone is encouraging in either their words or deeds.

As much as we may desire to “Go for it!” our reality is sometimes dimmer, slimmer or grimmer. (No corny rhyming intended, though I must admit I’m smiling.)

Sometimes we need someone to shout “Go for it!” as a reminder, as an exhortation to action, or as a walk-up call.

Sometimes we need to tell ourselves to “Go for it!” so that we don’t miss out, settle for less, or get into a rut.

Sometimes the easy words are needed as a catalyst to the more difficult action.

So to you I say, “Go for it!”

You are a gift… even if you are currently weary.

You have a contribution to make… even if you’re having trouble seeing your way forward.

The complexities of today are a part of your life as much as any of the idealized futures you are building for yourself.

So, “Go for it!”

On your side,

- Karl Edwards

Loving Monday is a weekly column designed to encourage us to step into our weeks with an intention to show up authentically, engage fully, and choose to make it a good week for ourselves. Explore past columns here.

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