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Listen In -> Playing Favorites #2: Favoring Certain People

You think a certain employee performs amazingly. Everyone else seems to hate them. What gives?

You may be guilty of playing favorites, and that without even knowing it!

In this week’s show, Claudia and I take a look at what happens when we play favorites among our team members.

While rewarding excellence, performance and results is important, some times we favor certain people for their charisma, because we like them, or because we work well together.

Of course there’s no crime in enjoying working with one person more than another, but what about the unintended consequences to the morale of everyone else?

Once people form the perception that you are playing favorites, they will begin interpreting your every decision through that lens. And who can blame them?

It is difficult enough to hear criticism of one’s work when it’s completely warranted, but when we feel that someone else isn’t being held to the same standard, our willingness to improve can evaporate pretty quickly.

Could you inadvertently be playing favorites?

Listen in.

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