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Loving Monday: Who’s Setting the Tone If You Aren’t?

loving_mondayWho’s setting the tone at work today?


If someone isn’t setting the tone intentionally, then it is probably being set by the first three things that happen this morning.

Should the first three things that happen be an unexpected deadline change, an angry client, and an assistant gone AWOL, you’re in for a rough day!

What if, though, you set the tone for your day? What if you were to choose—before even arriving at work—what sort of attitude, perspective and demeanor with which you were going to approach your day?

Instead of waiting to react to whatever might be going on at the office, you would be taking the initiative to be one of the actors that everyone else reacts to.

You would be taking the initiative on your own behalf and also on the behalf of the entire office culture.

In this scenario, when the unexpected deadline change gets announced, the angry client yells at you, or the assistant goes AWOL right when you needed their help, you will deal with these unfortunate and difficult experiences from the healthy, positive, and constructive frame of reference you chose earlier.

It’s your choice either way you look at it.

You can choose to let circumstances set the tone for you, or you can choose the tone from which you will set into the day’s circumstances.

Which brings us back to the original question: Who’s setting the tone at work today if you aren’t?

On your side,

– Karl Edwards

Loving Monday is a weekly column designed to encourage us to step into our weeks with an intention to show up authentically, engage fully, and choose to make it a good week for ourselves. Explore past columns here.

5 Responses to “Loving Monday: Who’s Setting the Tone If You Aren’t?”

  1. Paul Steinbrueck Says:

    Great post, Karl!

    Hey am I missing it or is there no button to tweet this post or to follow you on Twitter?

  2. Karl Edwards Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Paul!

  3. David Edmisten Says:

    Great post! The same thing is so true as one leaves work to head home. It can be easy to stay locked into all the things you just spent 8 plus hours working through, but waiting at home are a spouse and children who want to share their day with you. Learning to set the tone for how we come home and handle the excitement, meltdowns, new discoveries and new problems can maybe be even more important than how we handled work.

  4. Karl Edwards Says:

    Hey David,
    I love the image of being “locked into” the issues of the work day. We overlook the fact that no one at home is coming from the same set of experiences. Your great examples of what unexpected treats and traumas we may encounter at home probably shouldn’t surprise us as much as they do.
    Thanks for the added perspective.

  5. Karl Edwards Says:

    Paul, got my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ buttons installed. Thanks!

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