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Listen In -> Fake Goals #4: Goals That Are A Dangling Carrot

Some goals can be outright mean-spirited.

One of the more underhanded methods is leading an employee to believe that a salary increase or a promotion will accompany the achievement of a particular goal.

When the time to follow through arrives, you find yourself, more often than not, backing down on the promise by blaming human resources, budget constraints or some other factor outside of your control.

In this week’s show, Claudia and I discuss the pitfalls of dangling carrots just out of reach in order to secure some extra element of effort.

Even though this method is easy to see through, works only once, and costs far more in terms of broken trust and forfeited credibility than was ever saved by reneging on the raise, it remains surprising popular.

Why do you think this “fake goal” is so tempting to leaders?

Listen in.

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