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Listen In -> Fake Goals #2: Goals That Are Arbitrary

Why be limited by reality?!

A second way to master the art of demotivation is by drawing targets out of thin air like, “Increase sales by 20%” (even during a recession).

Why be constricted by facts when you can watch people scramble desperately to achieve what has no grounding in reality?

In this week’s show, Claudia and I look at the pitfalls of setting arbitrary goals.

As helpful and valuable as goals can be, if they are not grounded in reality, then they become elusive phantoms who haunt with threats of impending punishments.

Instead of helping us plan better or motivating us to work smarter, arbitrary goals make our efforts feel meaningless.

A lazy salesperson might exceed their target by the luck of a client’s purchasing schedule, while a hard-working salesperson might fall short of their target by virtue of a slow economic cycle.

In this example, the lazy person would probably be rewarded and the hard worker would be punished.

How arbitrary are the targets you set?

Listen in.

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