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Listen In -> Fake Goals #1: Goals That Are Vague

Meaningful goals can transform a good idea into a practical reality. Fake goals can undermine and sabotage even the simplest of efforts.

Claudia and I are starting a new podcast series this week entitled, “Fake Goals: Your Key to Perpetual Demotivation”.

We begin the discussion in this week’s show exploring how to master the art of demotivation with goals like, “Work harder” or “Improve your attitude” or “Make fewer mistakes.”

Vague goals are a common and quite subtle form of confused communication. You know what you mean when you set a vague goal like, “Your attitude needs to improve.”

But I promise you that you’re creating for yourself hours of arguing over whether or not a vague goal like this has been achieved.

And of course, we won’t leave you with the problem without discussing practical alternatives.

Listen in.

Here’s an overview of the entire series:

Fake Goals: Your Key to Perpetual Demotivation
Week #1: Goals That Are Vague
Week #2: Goals That Are Arbitrary
Week #3: Goals That Are a Moving Target
Week #4: Goals That Are a Dangling Carrot
Week #5: Goals That Are Double Standards

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