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Loving Monday: Lukewarm Coffee

loving_mondayLukewarm coffee.

If you’re a coffee lover like me, those two words can’t possible fit in the same sentence. For a beverage to be lukewarm, by definition, means that it cannot be coffee.

Fresh, strong, and piping hot equal coffee. Nothing else.

Sadly, as the morning progresses, my coffee slowly turns into non-coffee. Hot becomes lukewarm. Delicious becomes distasteful. Right becomes wrong.

The work week can feel the same. We begin the week in an energetic sprint. We end the week with a weary limp.

Lukewarm work isn’t any better than lukewarm coffee.

How then do we keep our “coffee” hot?

Drink it while it’s hot. Focus, stayed engaged and see things through. Play at 110%. It’s energizing to play at the top of your game. Don’t let chores accumulate. Confront problems as they arise. Impress yourself.

Get a warm up. Take a break. Get up and walk around. Surf the web. Chat with an associate. Do something for yourself that recharges your juices.

Pour it out and start over. What can I say? Sometimes there’s nothing else to do but pour out the cup of lukewarm blahness and begin again. Such a drastic reset could take the form of going home early and make a plan for how to begin differently tomorrow. Try sweeping everything off the top of your desk and allowing only items related to your current task. Or go for a long walk during which you do an attitude check and reset.

There is nothing more foul than lukewarm coffee. To keep sipping is the worst alternative of all.

Here’s to enjoying hot coffee!

- Karl

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