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Loving Monday: Stretch and Reach

loving_mondayStretch and reach. It sounds like a painful exercise routine.

Exercise of a different sort it most certainly is.

I’m partial to Mondays… The beginning of the week… It’s an opportunity to begin anew… Start fresh.

The question, though, is how to maximize the benefit of that fresh start for myself and my work. It’s one thing to simply recycle the same routine over and over again. It’s quite another to use the new week as a personal tool to stayed engaged, increase interest, and learn new things.

I suggest a weekly practice of stretch and reach. As the physical analogy suggests, each Monday you make plans to try one new thing. One new thing that feels like a stretch! Something that is a bit beyond your comfort zone… A bit beyond what you ordinarily undertake.

It can be an increase of some sort. An increase in accuracy, an increase in productivity, and increase in sales, etc. It can be something brand new. A new skill to learn, a new relationship to make, or a new method to try.

The point is that you are stretching and reaching in one area at the beginning of each week. The effort will carry through to your attitude and approach all week long.

Try it and get back to us with how it worked out for you.

On your side,

- Karl

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