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Listen In -> Leadership B#llsh&t in a Tough Economy #5: Political Mumbo-Jumbo

I’m not sure if listening to politicians ponitificate is more exhausting or maddening.

Instead of engaging the expertise of workers on the job and leaders in business, political leaders battle with each other from abstract, partisan philosophies, making decisions with sweeping implications for which they have no means of anticipating and no intention of evaluating.

bossI’m almost to the point where I think we’d be better off never reelecting an incumbent rather than always reelecting the incumbent.

Government policy has a huge impact on business, shaping its boundaries, influencing its priorities, and tinkering with its architecture.

It often feels like we swing wildly between too much and too little government involvement in economy, business and the business of life.

We end our series on Leadership Bullshit in a Tough Economy with a look at the mumbo-jumbo that is posing as leadership among our political leaders.

Listen in.

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