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Listen In -> Planning Yourself Out of Career Suicide #1: Avoid the Coffin

It’s bad enough when we feel like our job is killing us. But what if we’re stepping into the coffin and closing the lid ourselves?

We begin a new series this week on avoiding career suicide. Too dramatic a description?

Not once we realize that we’re never as stuck as we feel.

One of the reasons we feel stuck is because we believe the only alternative available is to make a major job change. Get out of our current situation altogether.

Job change, though, doesn’t need to be an all or nothing decision. Instead searching for a huge life-altering solution to our situation, what if we were simply looking for clues that would suggest alternatives?

Join this freeing conversation as we learn together how to explore alternatives instead of jump to conclusions.

Planning Yourself Out of Career Suicide
Week #1: Overview
Week #2: Clues
Week #3: Criteria
Week #4: Structure
Week #5: Process

Listen in.

2 Responses to “Listen In -> Planning Yourself Out of Career Suicide #1: Avoid the Coffin”

  1. Thomas Brown Says:

    Hey guys,

    This is the series for me! I’m looking forward to the next four weeks of your conversation.


  2. Karl Edwards Says:

    The bar just got raised. Thomas Brown is in the conversation.

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