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Action Ideas During Recession

insightful-linkIn this month’s newsletter article we started a series on, “When Crisis Presents Opportunity.

This morning I came across this article over at Harvard Business.org entitled, “Four Actions to Survive the Recession and Emerge Triumphant.” How’s that for a title?!

I really enjoyed Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s insights:

  1. Move while others are distracted.
  2. Announce and own a grand concept.
  3. Get rid of things that have outlived their usefulness.
  4. Concentrate on helping your users, clients or customers succeed.

It may be more difficult to find or create opportunities during a distressed economy, but the need for new ideas to emerge and the upside for success are greater. Everybody piles into fields that are already successful, exasperating the competition. Few venture to forge new opportunities in struggling areas, so the early entrants become the experts.

Most important is to remain steadfastly confident in your own value even as you increase your flexibility as to what form its expression might take.

On your side,

- Karl

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