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Loving Monday. A New Weekly Feature.

Getting out of bed on Mondays, is your dominate feeling one of anticipation or dread?

Do you feel like you’re being drawn into the new week or being dragged into it?

Today we begin a new weekly series entitled, Loving Monday. Let’s start the week off together with a brief encouragement to step into our weeks with an intention to show up authentically, engage fully, and make it a good week for ourselves.

Whatever our circumstances, we have choices for how and whether we will engage. By accepting ownership of those choices, we can experience a rich sense of accomplishment in the midst of our complex, if not difficult, lives.

Let’s encourage each other to step into each Monday determined to greet the week with anticipation, resolve and a good sense of humor.

Together, I am confident we will look forward to loving Monday!

On your side,

– Karl

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