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Toxic at the Extremes

Operating at any extreme rarely works well.

Empowerment and accountability as extremes are toxic. As partners they are generative.

Authority and resources for making an individual contribution along with expectations for achieving specific results.

Empowerment alone is a recipe for chaos, diluted focus, and the tyranny of individual entitlement agendas. Accountability alone is a recipe for abusive manipulation, unrealistic and unfair standards, and begrudged work efforts.

But get ready for an explosion of energy, engagement and results when you hold empowerment and accountability in creative tension with each other.

Claudia and I are discussing this right now in our current podcast series on Influencing Others. Be sure to click on the player in the right column and listen in.

How do you combine the extension of authority and resources to empower individual contribution along with the expectations and accountability to achieve specific results?

Here's My Thought...

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