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Entries for the 'Decision-Making with Poise' Category

Listen In -> Decision-Making #2: Becoming More Intentional

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

This week Claudia and I begin laying out a positive framework for more effective decision-making.

Key is becoming aware of your focus. Is it the decision itself? Is it the problem being addressed? Is it on getting enough information to make an informed decision?

We’re going to suggest you focus on the outcome you want to see result from the decision.

Listen in.

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Listen In -> Decision-Making #1: Battling Unfortunate Patterns

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

When making decisions do you rashly shoot from the hip, or analyze data forever?

This week we begin a new series on decision-making. Instead of searching for the perfect decision, we need to develop a posture oriented toward being able to assess and decide in an intentional, timely and poised manner.

  1. Battling Unfortunate Patterns
  2. Becoming More Intentional
  3. Becoming More Timely
  4. Becoming More Poised
  5. Practical Challenges We Face

We begin the series with a discussion of the decision-making traps many of us fall into that don’t serve us well.

Listen in.

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New No Excuses Leadership Course
This series on Decision-Making is the first of three series that will comprise our No Excuses Leadership Course. Watch for opportunities to participate in this online coaching experience toward the conclusion of these series.