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Make Your Weekend a Weekend!

The weekend is upon us. Or is it?

You may have already left the office. Or have you?

Just a friendly reminder to make your weekend a weekend.

I like playing cards with friends and will be doing so later this evening. I let down, relax, and thoroughly enjoy the company and competition.

What activity or lack of activity helps you relax and let down after a busy week?

We all need our weekend.

The mind needs a break. The body needs a break. Our souls need a break.

When we keep pushing all of the time, our capacity to continue at the same levels of effectiveness diminishes and diminishes.

Not only do we become less effective in the short term, we deplete and exhaust ourselves in the long term.

So do yourself a favor this weekend and give yourself a weekend.

Gather the friends for cards or games. Get out on the golf course or the frisbee golf course. Spend a day at the beach, in the mountains, or at the lake. Curl up with a good book. Try cooking something new. Build something with your hands.

Whatever you end up doing, please, on behalf of all of us who have to face you on Monday, make your weekend a weekend!

On your side,

- Karl Edwards

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