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Listen In -> Playing Favorites #5: Favoring Certain Workplace Cultures

Many leaders have good reason to be proud of the workplace cultures they have built in their companies.

But times change, people change, teams turn over, and new generations bring new values and aspirations to their jobs.

In this week’s show, Claudia and I look at the workplace culture itself.

Yes, most of the time we are talking up the importance of having an a workplace culture period. We preach the value of having an intentionally designed workplace culture instead of simply slipping into one without thinking about it.

When it comes to playing favorites, though, we want to look at the issue from the other end of the spectrum.

Are you aware of how and where your workplace culture is serving you well and where it is not?

 Are you holding onto a culture whose effectiveness in the past is dissuading you from reevaluating it in the present?

Do you have so much at stake personally that you’re having a difficult time thinking critically about what’s best for the future?

Workplace cultures change slowly. Could playing favorites here be sowing the seeds of future problems?

Listen in.

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