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New Leadership Blog from Bob Logan

Bob Logan has been resourcing leaders in the Christian community for years. Hundreds of business executives, church planters, non-profit administrators, pastors, and university professors have benefitted from his teaching, resources and advice.

I wanted to let you know that he’s blogging now, and you need to be taking advantage of this free access to this great guy.

Logan Leadership is sure to become a valuable gathering place to discuss the state of the art in leadership practices, develop practical resources for enhancing personal effectiveness, and for thinking creatively and critically about the future of the Christian community.

I have both worked alongside Bob in education and retained his coaching expertise for my own business. He is refreshingly direct, practical and fully focused on you and your pressing issues, concerns and directions.

I‘m excited that of the many ways he is actively sharing his breadth of knowledge, he has added the social web as one of the places where we can easily find, learn and interact with him.

Click on over to Logan Leadership and make Bob a regular part of your on-going leadership development efforts. You won’t be disappointed.

On your side,

- Karl Edwards

2 Responses to “New Leadership Blog from Bob Logan”

  1. Katherine Haubert Says:

    You did not include the link to his blog. Do you have that?

    Hope all is well.


  2. Karl Edwards Says:

    The links are hard to detect because I connected them to the words, Logan Leadership, and his photo. Thanks for pointing out that subtle is also often invisible. The url is: http://www.loganleadership.com/

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