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Listen In -> The Career Journey #1: Why the Traditional Categories Don’t Work Anymore

Are you tired of people asking what you’re going to be when you grow up? I sure am.

When considering career options if you feel things like, “I don’t fit any of the categories,” “I haven’t had enough experiences to know what I do and do not like,” or “There are too many rules, hoops to jump through, and games to play,” then this is the series for you!

We start a new series this week entitled, “The Career Journey.” Join us as we discuss this new and helpful metaphor for a meaningful and rewarding lifelong professional journey.

The Career Journey
Week #1: Why the Traditional Categories Don’t Work Anymore
Week #2: Thinking in Terms of a Journey Instead of a Destination
Week #3: What If You Were the Most Important Clue?
Week #4: Engaging Fully With Your Own Career Journey

Listen in.

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