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Job Search Tip -> Distinct or Odd?

MeaningFull-CareersDistinct or odd?

The connotation is everything.

Being distinct adds to our value. Being odd detracts.

Being distinct means that you bring something to the table that no one else does. Being odd means that you bring something to the table that no one else wants.

DistinctOur distinctives are attributes of which we are proud, aware, and take care to maximize. Our oddities are attributes about which we remain silent, are often unaware, and pop up when we least expect them.

When looking for work, we want to be well versed in and comfortably articulate about our distinctives. These unique attributes add value to the working community and increase our attractiveness as a candidate.

Your distinctness may just be what separates you from the competition and gets you the job.

Try this exercise. Write out as many of your personal attributes as you can think of. Keep writing until you’re exhausted and then add twenty more.

Then go through the list and circle the ten that relate best to the specific job for which you are applying. Finally, of those ten, highlight the one to three attributes that might be unique to you or are specialties of yours.

Now you have a few specific attributes to talk about with a prospective employer. They may turn out to be distinct attributes. They may turn out to be what distinguishes you from the other applicants.

Your distinctives make you attractive. Your oddities… well… let’s just say, focus on the positive.

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