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Listen In -> Job Hunting in a Difficult Market #1: Tackling Discouragement

Just when it seems the economy couldn’t get worse, another set of precautionary lay-offs is announced on the evening news.

Though fear fills the air and all panic around you, you show up calm, collected, and quietly confident.

We begin a new series this week… Job Hunting in a Diffcult Market.

How do you become that one who feels confident when discouragement lurks just behind the next job rejection?

How do you keep your energy levels up when the job market feels overwhelming before you’ve even started?

It’s not an easy environment to be in a job search. To pretend otherwise would be naive. But neither can we afford to be intimidated into inaction by what feels like long odds. What can we do? Where can we turn?

Job Hunting in a Difficult Market

Week 1: Tackling Discouragement
Week 2: Resume Makeover
Week 3: Networking Confidence
Week 4: Your Job Hunting Strategy

Listen in. You’ll both feel better about yourself and find yourself taking concrete steps toward your next job.

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