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American Idol Savvy: My Daughter LOVES Kris Allen

IdolIt’s a battle for genuine cuteness.

Yes, it’s a singing competition… on the one hand. But on the other, it’s not merely good vocals that inspire viewers to get on the phone and press ‘redial’ repeatedly.

My teenage daughter loves Kris Allen. It’s an attraction that extends beyond his vocal capabilities. Far beyond!! I know I’m pointing out the obvious. What’s interesting to me is how little attention the Idol contestants themselves pay to this “attraction” factor.

There are many aspects of one’s appearance, personality, poise, sense of humor, and personal story that makes them more or less attractive to others. Anoop never came to terms with the simple reality that as infectious and endearing as he was when he smiled, he was a turn-off with his grim-faced nervous scowl while waiting for the results.

Kris Allen is trying to hold himself more confidently (Thank you, Simon, for that two-edged sword of a gift.) In my house we’re torn as to whether he’s starting to come across as merely arrogant and losing some of his original charm.

In all relationships we control only how we choose to show up. We do not control how others perceive us. Effective showmanship, leadership and communication use awareness of the second to inform the first.

Naivety about the importance of others’ perceptions blinds us to the extremely wide array of options available to us for maximizing our approach, our style, our word choice, our manner, etc.

What do you know about how others perceive you?

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