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American Idol Savvy: Simon Dilutes His Brand

IdolSimon Cowell is sabotaging his own distinct brand.

Known for his direct but not always sensitive feedback, Simon is increasing his air time with additional antics that are coming at the expense of this powerful “brand.”

His inability to resist throwing barbs while the other judges (particularly Paula) are talking, has the effect of diluting what we like best about Simon… his withering critiques of the contestants.

(All right, his homo-ambiguous sparring with Ryan Seacrest is becoming an Idol staple. But this is the exception that proves the rule.)

The proof comes when Simon wants to give positive feedback. It gets diluted, if not entirely lost. Watch for this.

Disastrous for Simon, in my mind. There’s a lot of power in his positive responses precisely because they are so rare and (previously) so focused. Is he forfeiting his power to influence?

What are your brand distinctives? Are they getting lost by trying to be too many things to too many people? Is it time to refocus, get back to basics, or cut out the side shows? What power are you forfeiting when you dilute your brand?

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