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Loving Monday: Getting Started

loving_mondaySometimes the best way to get started is simply to jump in and get started.

Getting back into work after a weekend away can be a motivational challenge… especially if you had a great weekend and are returning to significant challenges! There’s a natural inertia that makes it hard to get moving again. Like getting up from your favorite spot on the sofa after watching a good movie in order to wash the dishes.

While planning has its place, it might be more helpful to simply jump into a project or task for your first hour this Monday. Pick up where you left off. Dive into something real, tangible and engaging. Get back into the ebb and flow of pulling needed files, picking up the phone, finishing an important letter or reworking a spreadsheet.

When the hour is up, take a step back and look at the bigger picture of the week ahead. Your head will be in a different place. You’re next decision will be easier to act upon, because you are already in motion.

Getting started by jumping right in, doesn’t pit your entire working life against your entire personal life in an epic Monday morning transition battle. Jump in by getting your feet wet as soon as you arrive, instead of spending the first half of the day talking yourself into the total body plunge!

On your side,

- Karl

2 Responses to “Loving Monday: Getting Started”

  1. Michele Says:

    Another great idea my thesis advisor gave me years ago was to always write the first sentence of the next chapter before putting your pen down. If we can get the project started just a little bit on Friday, Monday won’t be so ominous!

  2. Karl Edwards Says:


    A simple means of already being in motion as the new week begins. I like it. Instead of overcoming inertia, use it to keep you going.

    Thank you!

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