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Where Do You Dig The Well In A Desert?

When you need to stay in a job you hate, rolling out of bed in the morning can feel impossible.

If your job gives you no reason to get up, then you need to give yourself one.

The question becomes, “How can I create alternatives for myself, however limited they might be?” “How can I take some power back so I’m not merely being passive?” “How can I create my own meaning?”

Creating an alternative for yourself will feel great, because you are shifting out of passive-mode into doing something for yourself. Of course, the question remains, Where do you dig the well in a desert?

In this week’s podcast conversation, we offer three suggestions:

  1. Contribute something unsolicited.
  2. Connect with someone of interest.
  3. Explore something new that develops you.

We’ll explore these three alternatives in future posts.

I’m sorry you find yourself in the desert. Where do you look for sources of meaning, connection and/or development in the mean time?

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