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When Playing By the Rules Backfires #4: The Enforcer

It didn’t have to be this way.

You were only trying to help.

But now everyone is avoiding you.

What went wrong?

In this week’s podcast conversation, we discuss one of the most misunderstood persons in any company, The Enforcer. This is the person who takes it upon him or herself to enforce company policies and rules.

From their perspective they care about the company and are trying to inform someone else of a policy, boundary or practice that the other person is violating. From their perspective they are helping.

Unfortunately, this role is usually not part of their job description and therefore comes as a complete surprise, even an inappropriate and unwelcome surprise, on the part of its recipient.

Our good intention can backfire on us when it involves serving as the “bad guy” where not expected or requested. Are co-workers clamming up when you enter the room or picking up the phone every time they see you approaching?

This week’s podcast is for you. Listen in.

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