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Right or Wrong Won’t Help Here

As long as you’re trying to make the “right” decision and avoid the “wrong” decision, you don’t stand a very good chance of making any decision at all.

The problem with the right versus wrong mentality is that life and work don’t sort themselves into such neat, black and white categories. For the moralist, I realize this creates quite the quandary.

In this week’s podcast conversation, we discuss the secure and confident poise a decision-maker should enjoy. Key to this peace in the midst of ambiguity, complex issues and difficult people is that we have eliminated the harsh, blame-oriented perspective that seeks to label us.

That there is no criteria for naming a decision “right” or “wrong” except in retrospect. Those that worked out well would be “right.” Hardly a basis for encouraging risk, leadership or cooperation.

Listen in to the recording and join the conversation with your thoughts and experiences.

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