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Decision-Making Drives Report-Making

The leader’s subject is neither data nor databases. The subject is decision-making.

Continuing our discussion of this week’s podcast, what information will help you make the best decision in the most timely manner? Forget “perfect” decisions or being “right.” We don’t need ALL the information viewed from EVERY perspective in order to take action. Nor can we look to the data to make our decisions for us.

Beware of information gluttony… it leads to decision paralysis.

As a rule of thumb, then, no report should be either designed or generated for which the specific decision that you are trying to make cannot be identified. Think about it. Imagine what else you could be working on once unchained from database hell.

Knowing what decision(s) you are trying to make will transform your relationships with your technical and administrative staffs as well. Instead of telling them what data or report you want to see, describe to them what decision you are trying to make. You will benefit from their expertise, and they will become more invested in their jobs.

How do you avoid information overload?

Have you listened to this week’s podcast interview with software developer Jorge Rosas yet? Click on the player in the right column. Or to hear the entire series so far, click here.

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